Akim Oural photo

Akim Oural

Lille Metropole Councillor in charge of smart cities, deputy mayor of Lille
Lille Metropole and City of Lille

Akim Oural, born in 1972, started his civic involvement at the age of 12 in the first children’s municipal council in Hellemmes In 1998, he wrote the European Young Citizen’s Charter.

His elected offices began in 2008, following his candidacy for the 2004 European Parliament elections, and joined Lille and Lille Metropole Council, chaired by Martine AUBRY, as Deputy Mayor and councilor in charge of digital economy.

He was appointed by the French government to the National Council for digital affairs and to French high speed networks development committee. He wrote different reports on territorial innovation, digitalization and smart cities for several Ministers. Recently, he was awarded by “Territoires Numériques” magazine as the 2019 politician for digitalization.