Scaling up the transition towards a circular economy in cities

Location: Despachantes, Alfandega
Date: Fri, January 31
Time: 10:30 AM - 11:50 AM

The Urban Agenda Partnership on Circular Economy together with the Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) have for the past three years been working to remove the barriers and create innovative solutions for cities moving into a more circular economy. Through this session, we aim at presenting some of the key take away messages from the work:

  • What is needed to get cities on board the transition and to scale up the ambitions?
  • How has the Partnership contributed to Better Regulation, Better Funding and Better Knowledge?
  • What is the experiences from the UIA projects, and how are they replicable to other cities?

We have identified governance as a key issue within the circular transitions. To enable effective Circular Economy Governance you need to consider and encourage citizens’ participation and involvement of the private sector in the city. The session will also be used to look ahead and reflect on how the work to promote circular economy in European cities can continue and be escalated also after the end of the UIA Projects and the Urban Agenda Partnership on Circular Economy.

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