Cities as guardians of fundamental rights. Ensuring equal access to quality services for all

Location: Noble Hall, Alfandega
Date: Fri, January 31
Time: 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

All levels of public administration, including local authorities are bound to comply with fundamental rights obligations as prescribed in the anti-discrimination and fundamental right legal requirements. This workshop looks at cities’ role as guardians of fundamental rights and how this is demonstrated through policy-making and public service provision. The workshop will thus explore the extent to which urban development strategies respond to human rights protection challenges and how equal access to quality services for all is ensured. To set the scene, an overview of cities’ legal requirements in the field of human rights implementation will be presented. It will be followed by local policies examples to present some practical implications of requirements. By providing insights on how to translate the fundamental rights responsibilities into practical measures at the local level, the objective is to support local authorities and policies, including EU funds measures to better follow fundamental rights requirements. Speakers will include representatives of EU institutions, local authorities, service providers and civil society organisations.

Parallel Workshop